Ghallywood Movie Review – It Takes Two

takes two





Rating 4/10

Reviewed By – Vivian Nappier

“It Takes Two” is a romantic drama about Love, Trust and Infidelities among married couples. The movie is Produced and directed by Pascal Amanfo and written by Folake Amanfo and Pascal Amanfo . It stars Jackie Appiah and Jose Tolbert as the lead characters.


 The story opens with couple – Mike (Jose Tolbert) and Kisha (Jackie Appiah) going hard at an intense argument which leads to him throwing her out of the house. Kisha seeks comfort in her friend, Linda (Afia Addo), complaining about explicit photos always popping up in Mike’s phone. Linda goes over to confront Mike about changing his ways, Mike gets upset and embarrasses Linda. Mike then drives up to Kisha’s new residence and gets into a degrading argument with her, which ends with them having makeup sex.

Second story centers on Jenny (Doris Efya Nsowah) and Chris (Prince Darlington). Jenny comes home to a fuming Chris who accuses her of stealing his $2000, she gets upset at the accusation of being called a thief but eventually admits to using it for shopping. Chris states his concern about her being different from when they met 4 months ago, she walks out on him.

The next morning, Mike and Kisha gets in another argument when he refuses to pick his first call of the day. He calms her down by making promises for their anniversary the next evening. Chris comes home to find Jenny receiving oral sex from a man. Chris sits and face the camera till she climaxes. They are shocked to find him sitting there.

During the anniversary dinner, a young woman/fan compliments Mike endlessly and ask for his number, informing him her sister would love to be a client. Kisha, extremely upset loses her appetite and threatens him to take her home, with a table knife in hand.


Mike apologizes and they carry on with their anniversary.  Mike’s cousin, Yolanda (Sitsofe Tsikor) decides to pay them a visit. Mike takes Kisha outside, telling her they have to pretend everything is perfect while his cousin is around, she ask why and he says because he is her husband and she should do exactly as he says….

Chris goes over to Linda’s residence to plead with her and she dismisses him. Mike and Kisha carry on with the pretense game, with Mike making secret sex calls to women. Chris comes to Linda again, saying he is aware she is mad at him but wants to talk, she once again dismisses him.  Linda then complains on the phone to Kisha about Chris showing up to her doorstep after 6 months. Kisha hears Mike on the phone and confronts him about it, stating she heard the name Gladys. Yolanda checks in on them and they lie about arguing on the upcoming soccer game.

The next day, Mike leaves and doesn’t return home, the cousin ask about his whereabouts the next morning but Kisha lies that he was working late. Mike eventually comes home and they get in a very heated argument. The cousin walks in and informs them she is aware of their sham of a marriage. They seek a marriage counselor. As the counselor advises them on the perfect marriage, her husband walks in, calling her all sorts of name and accuses her of having an affair with their gate man. She stands up to face him, towering over him and she belittles him, also accusing him of having an affair with the housemaid. Mike and Kisha sneak out as they continue their quarrel.

On their way home, Mike’s phone keeps ringing, Mike refuses to pick up, they get into a struggle as Kisha tries to call the number and they end up in an accident. The doctor reaches out to Linda and informs her they’re both in a shallow coma.

Mike and Kisha end up having astral projection. They both blame each other for their current condition and both agree to get a divorce if they fully recover. Mike roams the house of his ex who is now happily married, blaming himself for marrying Kisha. Kisha roams the house of her ex, seeing him in a comforting moment with his disabled spouse that is blind.

Mike continues to watch his Ex, and he’s shocked to see she was actually having an affair with her boss. Kisha watches her ex as he comforts his wife, the maid walks in and they have a secret conversation. Kisha is shocked to see that he’s actually cheating on his wife with the maid as they go in the bathroom for a quickie.

Mike and Linda eventually sort out their issues, coming to the conclusion that it is up to them to make the marriage work. Mike regains consciousness, leaving Kisha behind. Linda checks in on Mike, Mike apologizes to Linda for being mean to her. He breaks it off with his other women. Mike continues to weep daily as he prays openly to God. The doctor finally calls to tell him that Kisha has fully recovered. Mike decides to start all over and ask her to marry him again.

Kisha advises Linda to let go and take Chris back, they resolve their issues.


Alright, most of the scenes in this movie were really unnecessary despite entertaining. The story of Chris had way too many plot holes with no beginning or middle which leads to an irrelevant story. I was left wondering what exactly was the story between him and Linda? What happened that made him disappear for 6 months? What is the connection between him and Jenny? Was Jenny a rebound? (Most Likely). How did she randomly have access to where he kept his money? What does Jenny do? Honestly, I’d rather that story was removed completely and not thrown in randomly to make a movie longer.

Also, the scene where Chris walks in on Jenny in bed with another man… totally weird! He sits by the side of the bed and stares into the camera as they carry on with their moment. I don’t know about other viewers but this expression…. Am I supposed to believe that you are heart-broken right now? Don’t even get me started on the heavy panting sound he was making at the camera. If anything, he seems to be enjoying the moment and not feeling betrayed by Jenny!

perv sadness

Continuity error on the anniversary dinner scene with Mike and Kisha, how is it an anniversary dinner but yet day time when they were driving home from said dinner? Ghallywood, please get it together, we are in 2016!

anniv dinner

daylight dinner

The meaning behind the story is a little ridiculous. Although I understand that they were aiming for the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, I feel they did a poor job executing it. Statement like “Because I am your husband and you will do what I say” and threats like pointing a knife at someone to make him take you home isn’t something to take lightly in this day and age. With domestic violence of wives stabbing husbands to death and verbal and emotional abuses, I am not sure what exactly is the message Ghallywood was trying to pass across.

Despite the picture of a dysfunctional couple, truth is Kisha was not paranoid and Mike was indeed a cheat. They dragged on the blaming game forever, never making the character of Mike to truly take responsibilities of his actions or admit to his mistakes, even during his astral projection phase. It came off more like the writers actually forgot the main point to their story and randomly threw it back in at the end of the movie, making him end it with the other women.

On a lighter note, Ghallywood are you trying to tell us that men clean their derriere with one hand and single stroke the way Mike did in this movie? Because if you are, then I am seriously frightened now!

bottom cleaning 1

And before I end this, let us take a moment to appreciate the Jockey String Bikini…. And Jose’s chest and abs, it’s not everyday we get to see a toned physique in Nollywood and Ghallywood. Plus, it definitely compensates for his acting skills.

jockey string bikini

It was entertaining for a one time watch, great to see Jackie Appiah on-screen again, although I find this movie as a big let down for 2016.

What do you think?

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