Nollywood Movie Review – Untangle




A Michael Amadi Production

Directed by Emmanuel Olabode

Story – Beth Rogers

Ratings – 2/10

Reviewed by Vivian Nappier

My thoughts all through the entire movie was “What’s going on? Why is this happening? What’s going on? WHAT IS GOING ON?!!!”

Does that sum up this world of confusion called “UNTANGLE”? No? Read on!


Bolt (Yemi Blaq) an actor and womanizer is trying to regain his role in the spotlight, and purchasing a new home (or so it seems). Together his friend Sanders (Seun Akindele) and Smith (Lily Stan Igboanugo) who is also his manager, gets him a 5 year movie contract deal with a movie producer Sasha (Sedater Saviour), who also happens to be the younger sister of a guy they made fun of in college. Reluctantly he accepts the deal after being reminded that he left a bad reputation behind when he originally left the industry.

Eventually Bolt and Sasha establish a relationship and his co-star, Adrianna (Etiko Destiny) reveals to him that she actually had a child for him when they hooked up 3 years ago, Adrianna also happens to be Sanders ex fiancé. Bolt confesses to Sanders that he had an affair with her while she was still in a relationship with Sanders. This puts a strain on their relationship, but Sanders eventually gets over it.

Bolt invites Adrianna over to verify all the information, she informs him they had sex three times and when will he like to meet his son, he demands a paternity test for proof. They go over to a doctor, the doctor informs them Bolt is the father. Bolt secretly meets up with the doctor and promises to pay 3x more than Adrianna did if he tells the truth. The doctor informs him the child isn’t his and request 400,000 naira. Adriana eventually brings the child over to Bolt’s house, Bolt takes Adrianna into the bedroom, lures her sexually into a choke hold as he reveals that he knows the truth.

Meanwhile, Sanders wife informs him that Adrianna once came to the house to see him. She explains to him that Adrianna was desperate to give her son a name and that she was so mad and upset, she almost poisoned her but instead decided it may be best to put it on Bolt. Sanders requested to know who truly the father of the son was and she informs him he is the father. Back at Bolt’s house, he throws Adrianna on the bed and threatens to beat her with a belt if she doesn’t confess; she informs him the baby is Sanders. Bolt and Sanders decides to meet up and Sanders informs Bolt that he never slept with Adrianna and that she was paid by his wife. They shake hands on it.

At the première of the Movie, everyone is in a great mood, Bolt and Sasha kiss.



I am not sure where to begin with all the problems in this movie, the sound was bad! At a point, I thought my ear drums were going to be blown in pieces!

The music, oh my goodness, so much for so many unnecessary reasons! Don’t get me started on using music without crediting the owners!

Confusing storylines like originally stating Bolt had to sign the contract to regain his role in the spotlight considering he was popular and left a bad reputation and then changing it when Bolt wanted to quit to “how do you want the producers and directors out there to think about you? Bailing out of your first movie? How do you think you will get a second one? How is it his first movie as an actor if he was already in the industry and popular?

Bolt farting to make a lady impressed…. Ummm I am going to let everyone interpret that in their own way.

The acting, wow! Talk about ABSOLUTELY NO CHEMISTRY among every actors and actresses. Horrible acting all over the place and weird sexual conversations.

Nollywood, when are you going to learn that it is not okay to objectify women? What the hell is this mess?



Why did you think it was okay to explain to us the viewers that the real way to get a woman to confess the truth is to sexually lure her and then threaten to beat her up with a belt?

obj 2

And then, let it slide and continue with the weak storyline like it has absolutely no meaning nor was any of it offensive?

Yemi Blaq, not sure if it was for the movie and pretty sure it wasn’t but oh my, what happened with all that weight gain? How did he go from this

old yemi

To this


This movie was a total mess, not sure what the point was meant to be as the story was all over the place. There were a lot of offensive contents and random stories that never turned into a useful point.

I definitely do not recommend this movie and wish I can get back the 1 hour and 50 minutes spent watching this.

What do you think?

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