Nollywood Movie Review – Taxi Driver (Oko Ashewo)



Director – Daniel Emeke Oriahi

Producers – Ayobami Macaulay & Daniel Emeke Oriahi

Screen Play – Yemi Nexus Adeyemi & Victor Negro

Story – Ayobami Macaulay & Daniel Emeke Oriahi

Distribution – FilmOne Distribution

Rating – 8/10

Reviewed By – Vivian Nappier



“TAXI DRIVER (OKO ASHEWU) is another fun filled and entertaining comedy from FilmOne Distribution. It is an indigenous movie directed by Daniel Emeke Oriahi and produced by Ayobami Macaulay and Daniel Emeke Oriahi.

Taxi Driver follows the character Adigun (Femi Jacobs), upon his arrival at Lagos to claim his late father’s inheritance. He meets with a friend and colleague of his father, Baba Tee (Odunlade Adekola), who shows him the way around lagos and advises him to carry on his father’s legacy by driving the one and only Taxi know popularly as “Tom Kruz”.

Adigun is introduced to the underground warlord, Baba Mistura (Toyin Oshinaike) who instructs him to personally drive his mistress, Delia (Ijeoma Grace Agu ) every night. Adigun and Delia get off on a rocky road but after a series of unfortunate events, they slowly develop a relationship.

Adigun quickly learns to buckle up as he goes through a series of passengers, from Prostitutes to Assasins, meeting a nearly dying neighbor, Kakando, who turns out to be a super hero (Hafiz Oyetoro) and getting involved in dirty deeds.

Taxi Driver is definitely not your average Nigerian movie and one not to be missed by anyone! Yes it is in Yoruba and Pidgin English but subtitles are provided and I have to say, I am truly glad it wasn’t in English because being an indigenous movie adds some serious spunk to it!

Fantastic job from everyone involved! From the production crew to the actors, everyone brought their A game to the table and I was completely blown away by this movie! At 1 hour and 34 minutes, this movie earned every minute of it. No unnecessary scene, drive, phone conversation or ramblings over absolutely nothing as seen in most Nollywood productions.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it. If you are reluctant because it is not in English, watch it. If you are worried it will be just another Nollywood movie, watch it, matter of fact, just watch it!

Apart from few sound errors and some failed gun shot effects and shaky camera, this is definitely one of the best movies to come out of Nollywood! FilmOne Distribution, I hail o! Gbomo Gbomo Express and now Taxi Driver (Oko Ashewo), I dey wait for the next super hit!

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