Nollywood Movie Review – Lies Men Tell



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Directed By Ikechukwu Onyeka

Produced by Uche Jombo Rodriguez

Written By – Uche Jombo Rodriguez,

Rating – 1/10

Trailer Lies Men Tell

Reviewed by Vivian Nappier

“Lies Men Tell” is a drama about infidelities and lies in marriages. It is exactly about the title, the lies men tell their wives.


Grace (Uche Jombo Rodriguez) picks up Emeka’s call in the morning and a lady voices her excitement about the things she’s looking forward to doing with Emeka (Desmond Elliot). Emeka denies knowing the lady, stating it was suppose to be his mechanic. He eventually picks up said lady and heads over to a motel.

Grace goes to the site of their uncompleted house; a lady named Jackie (Keira Hewatch) pays her an unexpected visit and informs her about Emeka’s frequent visit to a nearby motel. She also warns that Emeka is becoming a bad influence on her own husband, Badmus (Robert Peters) and he needs to stay away from him. Grace and Jackie exchange numbers.

During dinner, the kids refuse eating, Grace tries to persuade them to eat but they state they are sad dad is never home. Emeka on the other hand had to deal with two women fighting over him and drives away unsatisfied. Upon arriving home, Grace discuss about going back to work but he dismisses the idea, she then shows him a site proposal for opening a future boutique, he once again dismisses the idea, after hearing it will cost him 8 million naira.

The next day, Emeka takes another girl to the motel, Jackie calls Grace to inform her about it, and they end up exchanging insults on the phone with Grace telling her to mind her own business. In the evening, Emeka about to go home finds out his 10 million naira exclusive Jeep has been stolen. He cries and makes up a story to Grace about the robbery.

The girl, extremely upset about not getting paid after their rendezvous, decides she must do whatever to get her 300,000 naira.

Another couple, Jide (Mofe Duncan) and Annabel (Bayray McNwizu) are informed at the hospital by their doctor that they both have Staphylococcus, Annabel extremely upsets blame the husband for his infidelity. She eventually tries to leave him but he pleads endlessly and promises to change.

Grace provides Emeka with a paper, written on it is the asking price of 9.5 million naira for his stolen jeep. Emeka demands to know how she got that information and she informs him that she is the seller. She also reveals to him that she planned the robbery and was fully aware of his infidelities. This leads to a series of quarrels with Emeka finally giving in and paying the money, after seeing a potential buyer in their house.

Jackie eventually catches Badmus with other women and demands a divorce, Emeka confides in Badmus about what he went through to get his car back. He goes home to find his kids up late, waiting for him at the dinning table. He goes over and they all have a happy family dinner.

The End

Upon seeing a 1 star rating on Netflix, I was a bit scared to sit and watch this movie. I decided to give it the benefit of a doubt…. What a big mistake that was, I would have given it a zero star if it was magically possible!

This is another train wreck from Uche Jombo Studios, and not one to be easily forgotten. How many times will a movie of infidelity and lies with no constructive ending be made from Nollywood?! This movie kept repeating itself over and over from the beginning to the end, and the ending seemed like they ran out of ideas and just decided to pull the plug. The acting was extremely predictable – fake smile, angry, scream, apologize, scream, apologize, scream, eat.

What was the point of this movie? Yes it is a movie about lies men tell when they cheat, okay, and? What was the aim of the movie, what did the writers stand to achieve, what exactly is the story? What makes this movie different from the million movies made about lies and infidelities? What makes this movie stand out?

Nothing, that’s the answer to all the questions above, absolutely nothing, which explains the one star.

Just for the record, Staphylococcus is not usually considered a sexually transmitted disease but can be. It is not primarily thought of as an STD. Staph can be spread by any close personal contact; by casual or medical, and sexual transmission is relatively rare. Why do I bring this up? Because when Jide and Annabel are informed that they both tested positive to it, she slaps and rain insults on Jide about his cheating habit which lead to him giving it to her…. Research Nollywood, research!!!

Once again, this falls into the mass production problem with Nollywood. We are rated #3 in the world for the movie industry with the most produced movies per year! Wonderful right? Except we are not amongst the top 15 countries to bring in great box office numbers nor are we amongst the top 10 countries to bring in the largest numbers of admission!

There was no structure to the story, At 1 hour and 19 minutes, it felt like a 2 hour movie, I almost nodded off at several occasions because the movie was such a drag. Sound and Picture quality was alright. This movie could easily pass for a 30 minutes short film and would still be a train wreck because it has no structure to it.

No I do not recommend this movie, not even if you have free time with nothing to do.

What do you think?

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