Nollywood Movie Review – Drag Him To The Altar

ferguson brun drag



Directed by Ruke Amata

Written by Nelson Spyk

Rating 1/10

Trailer Drag Him To The Altar


Shola (Sylvia Ebuwa Ibie) is determined to get married to Ade (Ferguson Jack); a man she has been in a relationship with for 11 years. She goes as far as buying herself a wedding ring, dress and reserving an altar for February 14th. As the date draws closer, secrets starts unfolding and drastic measures are reached in order for the wedding to proceed as planned.

The movie is sort of an introduction to London Nollywood. I am proud Nollywood is being represented almost worldwide, We have Nollywood itself, Nollywood USA and now, London Nollywood.

The movie has a diverse cast from several African countries which is always a plus and the Cinematography was beautiful, really enjoyed all the establishing shots! Great job to the Director of Photography, for making a difference in Nollywood picture quality…

Unfortunately, that’s about the only good thing about this movie as everything else and I mean EVERYTHING was wrong. Starting from the script to the actors and director, EVERYTHING! It was so BAD, there is no actual bad part to pick on. The story was pointless and the acting was beyond mediocre…. Actually, I did find the character of the Priestess (C-ONG) and Ade’s father (Lanre Balogun) very entertaining.  For a minute, I was almost convinced this was a spoof made in mockery to the ridiculous lines in Nollywood movies but nope, it was more of the Priestess summarizing how ridiculous this movie was.


Van Vicker was basically a product placement and was featured for 5 minutes max! Apologies to all the Van Vicker’s fans out there! I am not sure what the situation is but at this point in his career, I would suggest he starts being selective on productions he participates in. Participating in a very bad production, is a red flag for any actor, writer, director and editor and can easily place such person in a black list.

The funny thing about this production was, I initially felt bad that the DP (Director Of Photography) placed so much effort in such a horrible movie…. But then at the end, I realized that he was actually the Writer. Honest opinion, Nelson Spyk needs to consider retiring from writing and stick to Cinematography, which he is very good at.

No I don’t recommend this movie. For a comedy, it was far from being comedic with the exception of 2 scenes; The Priestess and Ade’s Father.  It was a very embarrassing movie and not a great way to introduce London Nollywood but overall, great picture quality and okay sound.

What do you think?

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