Ghallywood Movie Review – Seperate Lives

seperate lives ghallywood movie

M’Thirty One Film

Produced and Directed By Pascal Amanfo

Rating 3/10

Trailer Separate Lives

Reviewed By – Vivian Nappier

 “Separate Lives” starts off with the usual expectation from Pascal Amanfo’s movie; A narrator telling us, the viewers, a story. If you are not familiar with his pattern, see “Single Six”, “Single and Married”, “Trinity”, “House of Gold”, “If Tomorrow Never Comes”, etc.

The narrator tells the story of the never ending drama between a bunch of neighbors living in an Estate. We are introduced to the first couple; Imelda (Yvonne Nelson) and Mike (Jose Tolbert), newlyweds who just into the Estate. Imelda pressures Mike into meeting the neighbors, out of reluctance he agrees. We meet the first set of neighbors; a young, vicious and condescending lady married to an old man. Next they held over to their second neighbor; a lesbian couple, Cindy (Mercedes Jackson Davis) and Natasha (Belinda Asiamah).

Imelda vents her frustration to Mike, stating they might have made a mistake moving to the estate especially because they are surrounded by “A young lady married to an old man and transgenders that are confused.” They held on to the third neighbor, a sexy maid, taking care of a disabled man, Peterson (Pascal Amanfo). The maid explains to Imelda that she gets a steady paycheck from the bank to look after him and regards him as “deaf and dumb”, She ensures Imelda that she will do everything in her power to ensure he does not die on her.

Really discouraged, Imelda and Mike held over to the last neighbor on the block. Everything takes a turn when the neighbors, Wendy and Greg (Roselyn Ngissah and Toosweet Annan) happen to be couples and exes to Imelda and Mike. This leads to the unfolding of several secrets and revelations with both happy and sad endings.

Great Production value, Sound was good as well as the Editing pattern. Story was exactly like every other story and plot from Pascal Amanfo and sadly, boring!

Again, I am not a fan of productions not doing enough research, which was one of the problems I expressed concerns with in “ If Tomorrow Never Comes” Just because a woman is a Lesbian DOES NOT mean she is “a Transgender and confused” as stated in the movie. Ghallywood really need to get it together as I find that statement extremely offensive and ignorant. A Transgender is completely different from a Lesbian. Also being a Lesbian does not mean the person is confused, it means the person prefers to be in a relationship with the same sex. I also find it quite amusing that it is also with the same actress (Yvonne Nelson) that such statements are made.

Also, the director being the narrator and asking the viewers if we saw the twist at the ending coming was beyond ridiculous because as usual, every move, plot and story structure is pretty much the same with all Pascal Amanfo’s movies.

The rating of 3/10 was given basically because the Sound was good as well as the Editing and Cinematography. Story was ridiculous; the movie had a lot of unnecessary scenes and was way too dramatic to sit through. I had to take several breaks from this movie in order to not lose my sanity.

I do not recommend this movie because I don’t appreciate lazy productions. I am also not a fan of ignorant statements being made in movies nor am I a fan of productions that don’t follow copyright rules, like using someone else’s music and not crediting the artist. (Mad World cover by Gary Jules).

What do you think?

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