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Nollywood Movie Review – Flower Girl




Trailer –  Flower Girl

Rating 7/10

Reviewed By Vivian Nappier

“FLOWER GIRL” is a romantic comedy written by Jigi Bello, Directed and Produced by Michelle Bello. It’s a coming of age romantic movie about love, desire, friendship and marriage.


Kemi (Damilola Adegbite) delivers flowers to a wedding reception and fantasizes about her wedding as she watches the couple getting married. Her boyfriend Umar (Chris Attoh) takes her out to lunch and promises to discuss marriage if he gets his promotion at the firm. Her friend Stella (Bikiya Graham Douglas) who also works at the same firm as Umar, informs her that there is a rumor about Umar moving up to an Associate position.

The next day, Umar calls Kemi and invites her to dinner. Overly excited, she hushes everyone at the restaurant, in hope of creating silence for Umar to pop the question. Umar extremely embarrassed informs Kemi that he invited her as his guest as requested by his boss because the meeting was pushed backwards and he was invited to dinner instead. He breaks up with her on the grounds of her childish behavior and her being selfish for not informing him about the position.

The next day, on her way to deliver flowers, she walks blindly into the road and is hit by a vehicle. The driver, famous actor Tunde Kulani (Chuks Chukwujekwu) takes her to his home and seeks help from his publicist and private doctor. Kemi vents her frustration to Tunde and they make a deal to help her win Umar back.

Tunde gives Kemi a complete makeover and takes her out to a fancy party; slowly they start to build a relationship as Tunde’s FWB (Friends with Benefits) partner gets jealous. Umar eventually finds out about the false relationship and pleads with Kemi for a second chance. A physical alteration takes place at Tunde’s party between Umar and Tunde over Kemi with Umar knocking Tunde out and taking Kemi with him. Umar eventually asks Kemi to marry him and she accepts.

Disappointed, Tunde accepts a movie contract in the United States and prepares for his flight as Umar and Kemi prep for their wedding. With Kemi and her mother in the room, she informs her mom she is not happy and does not wish to proceed with the wedding. She informs Umar about it and he reveals the real reason he pleaded for her back was because he was trying to secure his associate position as permanent in his firm. Turns out Sapphire has a deal with his manager and will only go forward with it if Tunde continues with the movie contract and in order for him to not be distracted, she needed Kemi out of the picture.

An extremely upset Kemi ends the wedding and with the help of Stella, rushes to the airport in her wedding dress. Together, Tunde and Kemi profess their love for one another and he promises to return.

Tunde returns a couple of months later and with the help of Kemi’s parents, he plans a surprise engagement. Together they celebrate the engagement with her family and Stella.

The End

The movie was actually very entertaining. It had some good and funny bits to it and overall I enjoyed it. Some of the performances were a bit over the top and a little unrealistic. The movie was also very predictable but at the same time, worth watching. It had great sound quality and the overall production was good.

At 1 Hour and 34 Minutes, the movie earned every minute invested with the right pacing and never once felt like a drag. Great job from everyone involved. “Flower Girl” will definitely make a good weekend movie for a relaxing atmosphere.

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