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Marion Amanambu – Founder/CEO Nigerian Celebrity Network Finally Respond To Emma Agu’s Blackmail

First of all, I would like to state CATEGORICALLY that I was never a member of the so called “Nigerian FM” – nor was I ever hired, paid or fired. Obviously, Mr Agu does not have any paying day job in the USA meaning, he CANNOT afford my hourly rate, if money had been in question.

What I did him was a FAVOR by agreeing to read the news on his online radio, when no one else would do it.  I was never paid a dime for the few months that I helped him with this task. I  recorded the news in the comfort of my home and emailed to him to edit and broadcast on his website. This whole brouhaha started when I told him I was tired of reading his news due to other pressing priority including my YouTube Show, “Pillow Talk” in addition to writing my article for E24/7 Magazine and Dejavu Int Magazine.  Na by force to read news? I say I no want read news again – na fight? I am a very busy professional and have a lot on my plate and reading news on a “one man riot squad” of an online radio is definitely not my cup of tea.

I will think twice before HELPING anyone else out in the future as you live and learn the hard way.  This is a very good example of “my good deed trying to bite me in the rear”!  Because I refused to read the news – should it make me a target for cyber bullying and defamation? This is plain ridiculous and ignorant!

Mr Agu has made a choice to repay my kindness by trying to run me down and fabricating malicious and unfounded rumor about me in a bid to tarnish my image? Going behind my back to talk trash about me to my friends – for what purpose and to what end? My REAL friends know me and stand by me, regardless! Those who fall by the wayside are not my friends!

Secondly, I would like to state CATEGORICALLY that I do not have any history of arrest in the United States or anywhere in the world.  I am a law abiding Citizen of the United States of America and I do not have as much as a parking ticket to my name.  The USA has an online system where you can go search and verify if someone has ever been arrested or convicted for any reason at all. You are more than welcome to use their database for your verification.

More so, I have never used his so called Facebook page to upload any pictures and would demand proof of such – as am sure Facebook has a history that can be retrieved to verify that accusation.

Thirdly, the claim that am 53 years old is just plain stupid – My age is public record on Google and can be verified online – Just  Google “Marion Amanambu” and you will get your answer – besides, my age is irrelevant.  It is plain wickedness to call me a “drug addict” when I have never used drugs, my entire life.  Not that there’s anything wrong with those who chose to use it – but it’s not my forte and I do not care about it. Besides, working in the Healthcare means you have to be drug free – employees get tested for drugs randomly without any prior notice or warning.

With that said, If Emma Agu is claiming that he is an American Citizen, can he please show us a copy of his blue passport to substantiate this claim. I know for a fact that he is not!

The Author of this stupid and ridiculous article is no other than Mr Emma Agu hiding behind the fictitious name of “Princess Nky” and many other names, including using different fake Attorney’s name to post rubbish stories about people – all in a bid to destroy their credibility – Who God don BLESS, no man can pull down.

I have reported Mr Agu to the Anti-Threat Unit of the Pittsburgh Police Department and they have called him to warn him to stop cyber bullying me. Case No: 14-101-255 with the Pittsburgh Police Dept – this also, is public information and anyone can request a copy by calling the Pittsburgh PD. If Mr Agu claims to have a Lawyer, I will be more than happy to direct him to my Attorney for further discussion. As for me, I have chosen NEVER to have anything to do with this man. I do not wish to hear from him nor interact in anyway, whatsoever.

It is unfortunate that this nit wit of a man thinks he can pull the wool over the eyes of well respected Editors, Journalists and Bloggers who honor the integrity of Journalism and will investigate stories prior to its publication.  I am sure some of you did not publish his ridiculous story which sprung out of a personal vendetta and in case you published by error, I am hereby requesting that the story be pulled down due to its defamatory nature.

Marion Amanambu (MBA, PMP)
Founder –

Originally Published Sep 22, 2014:

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