Nollywood Movie Review – Matters Arising

matters arising 2



Written by Ruth Kadiri

Produced by Ruth Kadiri

Directed by Pascal Amanfo

Rating 6/10

Trailer Matters Arising

Reviewed By – Vivian Nappier

“Matters Arising” is a traditional comedy written and produced by Ruth Kadiri and directed by Pascal Amanfo.

“Matters Arising” is a story about a couple living in the village and trying to make ends meet as the wife battles to save her marriage with her unfaithful, and unsatisfying husband.


Eche’s daughter ask(Majid Michel) for 800 Naira for her exam clearance as she heads out to school in the morning but Eche complains that he doesn’t have any money. Ogor (Ruth Kadiri), his wife tries to convince him to give the child money but he belittles her, reminding her that she has no say because she dropped out of high school. Embarrassed, the child leaves for school but returns home at noon to meet Ogor, crying that she was sent out. Ogor only having 400 Naira in her pocket ponders on how to raise the remaining half as she accompanies the child back to school.

Eche on the other hand goes to the local kiosk (minimart) to buy set of gifts for his mistress, Nma (Sharon Frances), who rejects it for failure of him leaving his wife. Getting home, he demands food but then Ogor explains she wasn’t home all day. He goes over to his parents’ home, calling the elders. Upon Ogor’s arrival to the meeting, he complains to them all that he is fed up of his wife not wearing makeup or nice dresses due to her church policies, not being able to make his favorite soup (Egusi/Melon), lack of intimacy and his inability to sleep at night due to her heavy snore. His mother steps in, stating she will teach Ogor how to make the soup. He leaves, reaching a conclusion that Ogor is bad luck as he also failed in his business after marrying her.

Donatus (Chigozie Okoli), the village wrestler goes over to see Nma with gift in hand, to plead for not seeing her earlier as promised. Nma tries to end things with him but he pleads and leaves the gift with her. Ogor tries to impress her husband by borrowing clothes from Donatus sister, who is also her good friend. Sadly Ogor is met with mockery from Eche, stating that an ugly person can not change, no matter how much makeup is applied.

Ogor cries in the bushes about her ill fate, Nma and Donatus consoles her. Nma advises her in secret to be strong and take advantage of men, she name drops all the men she’s dating including the village thrift collector, Eche. Ogor is surprised about this discovery. She follows Eche on a different day and watches him with Nma. She goes home, plotting.

Ogor takes a different angle on winning her husband by torturing him. She ruins his favorite meal with too much spices, starts wearing skimpy clothes to the market and goes as far as sending arm robbers to rob him of the money he keeps hiding in the ground. She also informs Donatus about Nma’s infidelity with her husband. Donatus beats Eche mercilessly and Ogor roughly nurses him back to health, feeling satisfied.

Members of the village contribution group comes to the house, stating Eche didn’t give them their money, Ogor continues to lie for Eche but they storm the house at midnight and end up leaving with Eche’s motorcycle.

Eche feeling helpless and slowly realizing his wrong doings, starts to appreciate Ogor a little better. Upon confrontation, He informs Ogor that he doesn’t want her to leave him because she is all he has. After leaving for church, Nma comes to the house to plead for Eche’s forgiveness, stating that she has ended the relationship with Donatus. Ogor returns to find Nma and beats her up, she slaps Eche, and reveals that she was responsible for the stolen money. She throws what’s left of it at Eche and packs her belongings as she leaves the house with their child.

Six month later, Nma goes over to Donatus’s house to plead with him but meets a woman in the house who informs her that she is Donatus wife. Nma goes home heartbroken. Eche goes over to Ogor’s family home to beg her to come home. Eventually she forgives him and returns home with their child.

The End

This was actually very entertaining; I have to say I am really impressed to see Pascal Amanfo step out of his usual narrating style of filming and giving us something worth every minute of the 1 hour and 24minutes of movie time. Hopefully he continues in this path of doing full and thorough research in every movie and stepping out of his comfort zone with production like this and more.

Production quality was very impressive; location, costume and the stellar cast with their fantastic performances. Sound was good but sometimes a bit off with a few microphone scratches but nothing too distracting from the movie itself.

It was refreshing to see such brilliant performance from Ruth Kadiri, I wasn’t sure I could watch another movie from her after seeing “Over The Edge” but she has bounced back in a superb way. Extra points to her for writing and producing this entertaining piece.

Although the story is very predictable and the child’s exam issue is never fully resolved, I still recommend this movie. It is definitely one that every African can relate to one way or the other. Great job to everyone involved.

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