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7 Secret Little Things All Happy Couples Do Every Day

#1. They drop everything for each other

If your partner needs you, drop everything else and be there for him or her. Nothing is more important than your partner’s need for you. This is one trait that every happy couple has.

In fact, super-happy couples go one step ahead. They allot some time every day for each other and drop everything else for those beautiful moments.
#2. They pause to kiss

All happy couples kiss their beloved as they rush out to work or to do other chores. But, the super-happy couples pause, take a few seconds off their busy schedule and kiss long enough to actually feel the kiss.

If you are wondering how that helps, just try it! You will be stunned to see the difference it makes.
#3. They check in with each other

Whether getting late in office in the evening or just asking if their partner had their lunch on time, these are some small habits that happy couples adopt as a part of their daily routine. Yes, it is a good idea to check in with your better half, time and again.

This small habit can show how much you care and how concerned you are for your spouse. So, be it a brief phone call or a small text message, it is always good to stay in touch with each other, even if it is just to say “hi” or “missing you”!
#4 They listen

Happy couples give each other quality (undivided) attention by listening to each other daily. What’s more? They give each other the chance to speak. In a relationship, listening is often more important than communicating.

They ask questions to make sure that they understand the other person’s feelings. Only when couples listen to one another they can really communicate and understand each other.
#5 They appreciate

Appreciation is a strong positive emotion. Happy couples don’t hold back their appreciation for each other.

At the same time, it is important to appreciate each other for the right things, else the expression loses its significance. The action can be something small or something big. For instance, if your partner makes an awesome cup of coffee, appreciate him or her. Such small things build a strong positive bond between you and your better half.
#6 They hug

A hug communicates millions of emotions in just one simple motion; and happy couples realise the importance of this form of expression. Hug your spouse without inhibitions.

Hug him or her any time of the day and at any place. Sometimes, if your spouse is going through some disturbing moments, like a tough day at work or not feeling well- one hug from you can make all the difference.
#7 They say, “I love you”

You know that your partner loves you. Your partner knows that you love him/her. Yet, it is important to actually verbalise that feeling and say, “I love you”… every day!

These three words really do something to buoy your spirits and make you feel elated. Happy couples begin and end their day with “I love you”, and say it many times in between, even if it is just through a simple text message.


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