Nollywood Movie Review – Over The Edge

“Over The Edge”

Ruth Kadiri Production

Rating – 2/10

Review by – Vivian Nappier

over the edge

“Over The Edge” is a story by Ruth Kadiri, about an insecure young woman with extreme trust issues, that let her doubts almost ruin her marriage.

This movie had no plot, no structure and honestly, no reason to ever get made. I will do my best to explain the story the best way possible, because it really was all over the place.

It starts off with Regina (Ruth Kadiri) calling Jerry (Eddie Watson) non stop to know his every move and Jerry convincing her that he is at work. Next we see Regina belittling and firing her maid for been 27 and not having a husband, then she decides to find another maid but has no hope because they all look attractive. So, did Regina not know her maid was 27 and not married, when she hired her? That made absolutely no sense and honestly, that scene was unnecessary!

Regina often meets up with her girlfriends, who sit in a round table and discuss their insecurities and why their men cheat. At this point, for some unknown reason, Regina tends to come up with ideas to please Jerry.

Next we see Regina with a chief by a roadside and she is accused of stalking him, she tries to convince him to give into the business deal in Jerry’s office, the chief invites her to a meeting the next day. The next day we see a celebration going on in the home of Regina and Jerry and she informs him that he has won the contract. What contract? How is she stalking the chief if they just introduced this character? How did she know the chief that her husband is trying to do business with? How did she know where to trail him? What is going on??

Again, we see another round table of the ladies having the EXACT same conversation of insecurities, Regina once again comes up with an idea on how to please her husband; she goes over to a recording studio and records a song for him to express her love, and then, for some unknown reason, this movie decides to punish the audience with their very annoying montage of Regina and Jerry by the beach, the beach, and the beach… and even more beach episodes. They make it home and continue the montage with them playing around in their bedroom, drinking on the porch, and finally, ending with them running and exercising around the neighborhood.

Regina and her friend spies on her friend’s husband and catch him in the act with their maid. They drive off to the round table where the friend sobs and once again, the discussion of their men cheating occur, except this time, they rate the different class of cheating. Regina once again, comes up with an idea for Jerry. She decides on a threesome but Jerry is furious about it. She gives the best love quote I have ever heard, saying “I’d rather watch you do it instead of you doing it behind my back. I will slit my throat; I will throw myself over 10 story building, and throw my corpse in the sea after I drive a knife in your heart, if you cheat on me.” At this point, He concludes she is going crazy.

Regina goes on several stalking and rants sequences all through the movie, from going through his devices and changing his password, to stalking his secretary on the street and getting into a slap match with her, which ends badly for the secretary. The last straw was Jerry getting into an accident after a fight with Regina and his parents intervening, putting an end to the marriage.

Regina decides to go to the United States for vacation and then returned to Lagos, Nigeria to fight for her love. They eventually reconcile and rekindle their love.

One of my favorite moments in the movie is what I like to call the picture romance. In this scene, Regina is in the bedroom alone with Jerry photo; she hugs and kisses his photo. Jerry is alone at his office, he picks up her photo and stares at it intensely and slowly kisses it. Of course, there is the slow jam playing on the background as both characters displays their affection through photos. Honestly, with their photo obsession and seduction going on, I was disappointed a masturbation scene didn’t follow.

Another photo romance occurs towards the ending of the movie, when a mover takes out Regina’s belongings in their home; Slow jams, Jerry picture staring at Regina, caressing her lips, awkward romantic moment between Jerry and Mover about the photo and letting go of it.

Nothing against Eddie Watson, but I am beginning to suspect he struggles with pronunciation or perhaps it is the way words are written on the script? Last week, I wrote a review on “Single, Married and Complicated” and stated my concern with how he said “A Boo-Ty” and now he said “Stop being a ridiculous” and “Serenating” instead of serenading.  Eddie Watson, what’s going on?

The “USA” scene was a nightmare to watch. Just when I thought they will finally end this movie, we see “USA” and Regina walking the sidewalk of a street labeled to be in the United States, a woman ask her if she wants to talk about it, she says no. Then she decides to read a letter, given to her by Jerry. Which pretty much states he miss the woman he married and want her to trust him. Next, we see Regina and same woman in a house (maybe they are housemates?) they hug and part ways.

And we are back to Lagos, Nigeria!

Why did this happen? Walking a sidewalk doesn’t make it “USA” If you want her going on a sidewalk vacation, surely you can find a lovely sidewalk in the whole of Nigeria! If you really want to use a location in the “USA” then pick a state, city, or something and show me that she is actually there! Who is that woman? Is she her housemate?

This movie was really hard to watch, long, repetitive and plain old boring. I can’t believe that this even got the green light to be made into a movie. How exactly did this happen? The only reason this movie got a 2 out of 10 rating is because the sound was actually good!  And that is saying something for Nollywood and its sound issues!

What do you think?

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