Nollywood Movie Review – Hitch



Ratings 6/10

Recommend – Yes

Reviewed By – Vivian Nappier

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“Hitch” is a movie, produced by ROK Studios. The movie tells the story of Ben (Chidi Mokeme) a man, who recently got fired from his job, due to inconsistency, and his struggle to raise $100,000 for his son’s open heart surgery, after his wife abandons them to their fate.

Ben is a man with huge ego and despite his money situation; he refuses to plead to the public for support and donation for his child’s surgery. Instead, he chooses to be a part of a kidnapping scheme, initiated by an old college rival, Spino (Bobby Obodo ). The scheme involves the kidnapping of a billionaire’s pregnant wife which promises $300,000. Sadly things take an unexpected turn when she succumbs to her death during child-birth.

It was nice to see Chidi Mokeme on-screen once again, and for the first time, I was impressed with his acting. I didn’t cringe as much to his acting and crying moments as he was once known as a one style actor that always ran to tears as his shield on-screen. Although, I almost lost it to how many times he says “Okay” in a sentence.

Production was good, as well as sound, great improvement on Nollywood. The boom sadly still made a little appearance as well as several shaky camera moments BUT not enough to steal the show.

The director is not listed nor credited in the movie (eventually found on an online poster as Dimeji Adebayo), which I consider a big red flaw on the production as this was a pretty good movie with good directions. Did the editor forget to include the director’s info in the credit? I had to go through the credits, both at the beginning and end to make sure I wasn’t paranoid and yup, the director’s info is missing.

hitch credit

I had a problem with the lack of information on the child’s illness. All the doctor stated was “Your son is running temperature and when will you correct his heart defect?” umm what is the defect?

Applauds to Nollywood for trying to raise awareness to support groups and public donations to raise money for ill children, also proud that they are taking initiative in showing the ridiculousness of the Nigeria police force, like detaining witnesses because they are not happy with the little info provided and not following through when a missing person is reported.

The movie had good twist and turns although some scenes were time killers. Acting was good although some stories had no resolution. Definitely a good movie for a one time watch.

Nollywood needs to watch out on credit rolls, it is very important to name the actors next to their character’s name, in order for us, the viewers, to relate. Placing a name different from the character’s reference is very confusing and slightly annoying. For example, crediting Chidi Mokeme as “Manager” when his character was actually addressed as “Ben”.

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Other than the little flaws, I do recommend this movie as it had all the qualities for a good and entertaining home movie!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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