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Thank God For Modern Technology

Ever since my Mum got a “smart TV” in her bedroom, she no dey come out again o. I feel like I live alone in the house now. YouTube and Nigerian “Nollywood” movies has become her favorite pastime. My Mum comes out of her room, only to wee, shower and eat. The only place I run into her nowadays is the kitchen, either coming in or leaving.

Hmmmmm, who knew my 64 year old Mum who never wanted anything to do with modern technology and the internet will learn how to navigate her “smart TV” – of ‘cos, she had to be taught many times how to do a search but it seems she has now mastered the arts and crafts of Internet TV streaming, LOL!

Am glad to say that it seems that my Mummy has found a new lease on life and all is good in my books! Hahahahahaa!! ~ FAB

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