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Being An Involuntary “Side Chick”?

Hmmmm, honestly speaking, a lot of women don’t wish to be any man’s side chick but condition can make crayfish bend in many different directions. It’s not even the thrill of sex or money. Sometime, one can get caught up in lies that men tell. Women are very emotional and we easily fall for men who seem to be there when we need them or men who avail themselves when we are emotionally vulnerable.
Sometimes, the woman would have fallen head over heels before they are hit with the shocker – the man is married or the man might most likely not leave his wife for you.
Women need to be wiser and stronger. Even though our emotions can get caught up in the whole mess, you should master how to turn your emotions on and off, at will. I know it’s not easy but it’s do-able – practice makes perfect.

Side chick? Really? Ain’t nobody got time for that! ~ ‪#‎PillowTalkWithFAB‬

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