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Igbo Woman Rips Off Husband’s Manhood During Domestic Dispute

A middle aged woman in Oru, Imo State, Mrs. Ndidi Edozie, has left her own husband, Mr. Ebony, in great pain after she allegedly cut off his manhood, ripping open his scrotum with one of the testes badly damaged. All these was said to have happened during a domestic dispute.

The cause of the fight between the Ndidi and her husband was because of the manner she beat up their three-year-old sick daughter after she threw up the medication administered on her. The husband was not happy and thus reprimanded her for lacking compassion for their sick daughter.

His rebuke at his wife’s action reportedly triggered a quarrel which degenerated into a serious fight…

In the heat of the fight, Ndidi reportedly held on to her husband’s manhood and every effort he made to free himself proved abortive, and in the process she forcefully yanked off one of the his testes.

Ebony who slumped and fainted in the process, was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was revived. It was said to have taken doctors over six hours to stitch his scrotum together. Source: Esabod

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