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A Prayer For Nigeria

Let’s say a prayer – everyone that has ever STOLEN Nigeria’s money – money meant for the poor masses, money meant for the advancement and development of Nigeria. Anyone that has “knowingly” and “craftily” siphoned Nigeria’s money….MAY YOU ALL BE ARRESTED AND DISGRACED LIKE Madam Diezani Alison-Madueke aka Former Oil Minister.

It’s a damn shame how little has improved in Nigeria in nearly 2 decades, since I left that country for the USA. It is a shame that we continue to support, applaud and uphold mediocrity. Can you just sit down for a minute and imagine the amount of money involved?

As at 2005, IMF estimated the amount of money that has gone missing, stolen, laundered or mysteriously disappeared from Nigeria’s coffers at $500 billion. This is TWICE the amount of money that was used to put the whole of Europe back together after the second World War.

If Nigeria had channeled ONLY a quarter of this STOLEN funds to proper use, we would be at par with South Korea or at least Brazil.

In 1965, Nigeria was one of the largest exporters of palm produce when Malaysia came to Nigeria to collect our palm seedlings and in the last 10+ years, Malaysia has become the largest producer of palm produce in the world while ironically, Nigeria has become the highest importer of palm produce – this is CRAZINESS!!

We (Nigerians) know all the THIEVES that have stolen our money and we are watching. Our prayer is that y’all will go down one day, SOON and a lot of you Government officials are GUILTY as hell ~ FAB


What do you think?

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