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Keyless Ignition In Your Car May Pose a Deadly Hazard

A keyless ignition is that push button in your car that starts the engine instead of turning a key. It’s a feature that’s standard equipment on many new vehicles, but consumer safety advocates say keyless ignitions could pose a danger if you walk away with the fob and forget to turn off the car.

Most keyless ignitions allow drivers to walk away from their car with their key fob and leave the motor running. There are an estimated 5 million keyless cars like this on the road, according to a lawsuit against 10 automakers filed in August in a Los Angeles, California Federal Court, which critics say could put your family at risk.

Cesare Fontanini, 50, of Highland Park, Illinois found both his parents, Rina, 76, and Pasquale, 79, dead after they accidentally left their car running in their attached garage. Source: ABC News Investigates

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