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Studies Show You May Be Parking Your Car The Wrong Way

According to AAA, you may not know it, but you’re parking all wrong.

Report has it that more than 75% of U.S. drivers use riskier parking practices by pulling into parking spaces rather than backing in. Experts say pulling into a parking space leaves pedestrians more vulnerable when a driver later reverses to get out of the spot.

Automakers realize Americans park different than most of the world so have integrated technology to help with rear visibility. However, testing from AAA revealed issues with the technology when used in a real-world setting.

AAA found rear visibility technology that alerted drivers of passing traffic when reversing had significant limitations when parked between SUVs or minivans.


Here’s the results:

–  A passing motorcycle was not detected by the systems in 48 percent of tests.

–  The systems failed to detect a bicycle passing behind the vehicle 40 percent of the time.

–  The systems failed to detect a passing vehicle 30 percent of the time.

–  While not all systems are designed to detect pedestrians, the technology failed to detect pedestrians 60 percent of the time. Source: AAA

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