Justice vs. Sentiment

My thoughts and prayers are with former Nollywood – Actors Guild of Nigeria President, Ibinabo Fiberesima.
Five years is a long time in the Nigerian Prison Systems. Five years of deprivation and not being there for her husband and kids as they pass through some significant life changes and accomplishments. I am totally in shock how things can turnaround in an instant……makes my skin cringe everytime I even try to imagine what this must feel like….the devastation….the heartbreak….the sorrow…the pain of going to jail for 5 years! Wow!!
What is done is done and this penance cannot bring back the deceased whose life was “mistakenly” lost almost a decade ago…..sigh!!!
Am not sure the family of Dr Giwa will find closure by sending IB to jail and no one I know is justfying what happened but the point is, THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE and someone’s world can come crashing down in an instant when the devil is at work.
I only hear GOOD from people everytime Ibinabo’s name is mentioned…how philanthropic she is… she is loved and respected by her colleagues and peers.
Ib, we will be praying for you and your family during this trying times….THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!
Be Strong darling

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