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Don Lemon Of CNN In Hot Water As Public Outrage Continues – WATCH VIDEO

It seems Don Lemon of CNN has shed all moral judgement and he sadly lost that moral compass while on air (LIVE). In this video he is seen engaging in a direct confrontation with someone he was interviewing ON AIR

I am a Broadcaster and I know that this totally an UNACCEPTABLE behavior. I think sometimes fame can intoxicate and a some allow their Celebrity status to get to their head and they talk down on people.

Those Celebrities forget that fame can be temporary and in life, we need to learn from the experience of others. We have seen othrr News Anchors fired for similar behavior.

Now, there are a couple petitions asking CNN to fire Don Lemon.

You too can sign the petition if you disagree with this type of behavior especially when it had to do with a police incident where the man handling of a minor is involved.

Here is a link to the sign one of the petition:…

Video Credit: CNN

What do you think?

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