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Pillow Talk With FAB: Water Down Relationship

Ever heard about ‘Marry The PERSON You Love’. A lot of people are in a compromising relationship that I call WATER DOWN RELATIONSHIP. ‪#‎PillowTalkWithFAB‬ Special Investigation after interviewing a lot of MARRIED men with multiple MISTRESSES. Their wife knows about their girlfriends and comfortable with the arrangement because she’s also doing her own “thang”.

Just found out that Naija people are still hung up on “Divorce”, LOL! They would prefer you die in an abusive marriage than leave with what’s left of your DIGNITY. I think a wake up call is needed. No ONE who got married wish for their marriage to end in a divorce, PLEASE GET THAT STRAIGHT! All the holier than thou attitude of you’re better than someone who is divorced needs to END! Na who HOLY pass sef? Just FYI, it takes a lot of LIVER/GUT to WALK AWAY from a marriage that you thought would be FOREVER

Watch for yourself – Pillow Talk With Marion Amanambu aka FAB (Nigerian Celebrity Network)

What do you think?

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