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Teen Too Rich And Spoiled To Serve Jail Time In A Classic Case Of “Affluenza”

The media is referring to this as “Affluenza”, meaning “too rich to serve jail time” for a teenager, Ethan Couch, who was “slapped on the wrist” with a 10 year probationary sentence after killing 4 people and injuring 7 others in a DUI incident that occurred in 2013.

At the time the incident occurred, the Judge who gave the sentence, Judge Jean Boyd was faced with a barrage of criticism for what was considered an “unfair” sentence and calls to have her removed from her position.

Ethan Couch’s name was never made public when the sentencing occurred, due to being considered a minor, at the time of the incident.

The case attracted a lot of International attention after a Psychologist claimed that Ethan Couch suffered from ‘affluenza’, a condition in which his wealth and privilege kept him from understanding the consequences of his actions.

A few days ago, an anonymous Twitter user posted a video of someone that looked like Ethan Couch at a party, where there was alcohol involved, which is considered a violation of his 10 year probation that had included “no alcohol use”.  The video did not however show Ethan using alcohol.eth

Reports have it that shortly after the video posted on Twitter, Couch and his mother disappeared. Now, the US Marshalls and the FBI have joined the effort to search for Couch and his mother so they can be brought in for question on possible probation violation.

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