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Pre-Diabetes Self Diagnosis

According to CDC, 1 in 3 Americans are susceptible to pre-diabetes without knowing it!!!

The CDC has come out with a simple test to help determine if you should worry about this pre-disposition.

Here we go….play along with me:

1. If you’re a man, hold up one finger (zero finger if you’re a woman).

2. If you’re over 60, hold up 3 fingers, over 50, hold up 2 fingers and if you’re over 40, hold up 1 finger.

3. If you’re mostly inactive all day, hold up one finger.

4. If Type II diabetes runs in your family, hold up one finger.

5. If you have high blood pressure, hold up one finger.

6. Look at the picture below, hold up the number of finger(s) that apply to your body type


If you’re holding up 5 or more fingers, you’re increased risk for pre-diabetes and you should follow up with your doctor to run more diagnostic test before it is too late.

Good news is, this is reversible with diet and exercise.
It is believed that If you can lose 5% of your body weight, you stand a chance of preventing or delaying diabetes #NewsTidbitsWithFAB

What do you think?

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