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Ndi Igbo Have A Valid Fight In Biafra

I am going to state AGAIN for everyone who is misquoting me and my stand on this whole BIAFRA issue that is currently going on in the Eastern part of Nigeria. I have received a few inbox messages from Igbos who think that I am anti-Biafra.

You all obviously misunderstand my stand in this whole issue.

I am NOT against Biafra or a Biafra nation. I am against the METHOD in which it is being demanded.

I am against the entire Igbo community being dragged into one person’s run-ins with the law.

I am against mobilizing our youth to fight a battle they did not start.

I am against a few Igbos expecting that the majority will fall in line without asking any questions as if we are all mumu and not supposed to ask questions prior to carrying a placard.

I am against disguising a “fight for Nnamdi Kanu’s freedom” as “secession” by the Igbo people.

When one person decides to make videos and fight a public battle, he/she should be ready to finish the fight they started and not drag the entire Igbo community down a rabbit hole.

If this fight is for someone’s freedom, let us make it CLEAR and fight as a collective for the Nigerian Govt to free “our brother”.

If this fight is a fight for “secession” then let’s make that CLEAR to everyone.


Where I GET CONFUSED about this entire thing is when we term it a fight for “Biafra secession” rather than what it really is – A fight for Nnamdi Kanu’s freedom.

If it were someone else without the influence and backing of highly influential Igbo leaders, would 1 million Igbos take to the street to fight? The answer is NO!

A lot of our Igbo brothers and sisters are languishing in jails all over the world with no one speaking up for them or fighting their battle for them.

I have said it repeatedly and will continue to proudly hit my chest that I am an Igbo, kponkwem! – I am Nwa Ada Igbo and I have NEVER been ashamed of my heritage or culture. In fact, I proudly flaunt it openly for anyone who cares to listen. I am Igbo till infinity!


I refuse to be labelled anti-biafra by anyone because I am not.

I want a Biafra nation just like every Igbo out there but we have to do it the right way.

We cannot mix up our priorities and expect that every Igbo person on this planet will jump up and fall in line.


The Igbos fought this same fight 45 years ago and I think it is time the Nigerian government take the Igbos serious. No be by force to keep someone who does not want to live in your house….it is tantamount to “Kidnapping”. If the Igbos want their freedom, I think the Nigerian government should let them have it and not worry about what we will do with it.


Ndi Igbos are industrious (world-wide) and I have no doubt in my mind that we (as a collective) will thrive in whatever venture we undertake. We have been known to help build other people’s homes for them. It is time for us to build our own but we have to understand that once we are granted our request, we cannot fail as a people!  We stand united as one with a BIAFRA Nation!
Signed: ~ FAB (Founder: Nigerian Celebrity Network)


What do you think?

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