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Living Abroad – Survival Of The Fittest

Like many Nigerians living in America – I’ve accepted my fate. Some people are meant to work, work and work some more, relying only on their ability to put in so many hours a week in order to survive. Most of us take our day to day job seriously not relying on bribery or other illegitimate means of wealth acquisition.

There is due diligence to pay your taxes whether you like it or not and no way around it – it’s automatically deducted from your pay check. At the end of the year, we have to deal with the shock of how much money has been deducted from our pay. Taxes and deductions run into tens of thousands of dollars a year with little left for us to spend.

I lived and worked in Nigeria prior to relocating to the USA and I know for a fact that it is easier to become RICH in Nigeria than it is in the USA – I know some of you won’t believe it, but it’s true!

It’s amazing how some people do not need to work as hard yet they have more money than they can spend in their lifetime. This does not seem fair but it is the way the cookie crumbles.

Ije America siri ike – the thing hard-o. Nothing is free and no one dey dash you a dime – you have to work hard to acquire everything you own and I mean EVERYTHING!! With that said, I will always remain grateful to Baba God who has made all things possible for his children to keep surviving ~ ‪#‎PillowTalkWithFAB‬

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