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Health Alert: Essure Permanent Birth Control Under Scrutiny

A permanent birth control implant is now under scrutiny, years after it was approved by the FDA. Complaints are pouring in by the thousands prompting experts to take a closer look at the permanent birth control device.
Complaints about unwanted and sometimes serious side effects including headaches, depression and heavy bleeding have been reported by multiple wome who have used the birth control.



Essure is currently marketed as the only Birth Control that does not require surgery. It consists of 2 metallic coils inserted into the Fallopian tubes.

Multiple women are now coming forward and FDA has found over 20,000 issues or problem posted by users on social media; including Twitter and Facebook.
FDA put out a 90 page review document that included questions about existing research on Essure’s safety, stating that “significant limitations must be taken into account when reviewing the data”.

Bayer, the manufacturer of the device says “while there are risks with our medical devices and procedures, Bayer’s highest priority is patient safety and we sympathize greatly with any woman who has experienced problems with Essure”.

The FDA will be holding a meeting in a few days to examine the safety of the implant. Source: Goodmorning America

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