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Ex-Jamaican Beauty Queen Flight Attendant Facing Drug Charges

A former beauty queen, flight attendant has been arrested for trying to smuggle nearly 70lbs of cocaine through airport security at LAX. Authorities are saying she ditched her bags and ran as soon as she was selected for random check. She immediately got on a plane and flew go New York the next day. The street value of the cocaine found on her is estimated to be worth more than $3million.

The Jet Blue Flight Attendant, Marsha Gay Reynolds, had showed up in street clothes at another airlines terminal trying to use the known crew member security check point. After flashing her ID, she was randomly selected for a secondary search. Reynolds became nervous when officers asked to search her suitcases, she took off her heels and fled on barefoot leaving her bags in which nearly 7lbs of cocaine were found.

Reynolds who is a former Track runner at New York University (NYU) was on the loose for 5 days while authorities were looking for her. She later turned herself in after she realized “it was the right thing to do”, says Allan Jennings, her family spokesperson.

Reynolds was expecting to be released on a half million dollars bond today but the Judge ordered her back to LAX in the company of Marshals.  Authorities have made it clear that they are looking for a co-conspirator(s). If she is ever granted bail, , she might be walking out of jail with an ankle bracelet, suspension from her job and facing charges for possession with intent to distribute and If convicted, she faces up to 10yrs imprisonment. ~ Source: GMA (David Kerley)

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