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This vision Nigerian Celebrity Network was inspired by the desire to correct the negative portrayal of Nigeria and its Citizens to the International Community. Its started as a Creative Accord by a group of Nigerian Celebrities that had had enough of the negative publicity and wanted their voices to be heard by the international community.  A voice” that state clearly that Nigeria is a country that is blessed with a wealth of human resources and rank among the best creative talent in the world.

The Nigerian movie industry, for example, is ranked No. 3 in the global market and the uniqueness of our genre of music entertainment is making a tremendous impact across the globe. Artists from other countries are seeking out Nigerian Artists for collaborations. Our artists are household names internationally and It is no doubt that Nigerians are more than the picture that has been painted of them by a few unscrupulous & selfish individuals who have put their needs ahead and above their country.

This NETWORK was created out of frustration at the Nigerian government’s seemingly futile effort in cleaning up the mess that now envelop Nigerians internationally – frustration at the hopelessness and helplessness of hard working, intelligent and talented majority of the country’s population who look on, in absolute dismay, disapproval and disarray at the persistent perception of their way of life that has been built on years of hard work now crumbling right before their eyes.

We hereby and together as one voice and our weapon of choice is Arts and Entertainment because we are aware of the impact that it can have in changing the perception of Nigerians internationally and correcting our image.  We are a nation of hardworking, creative and talented people and our body of work speaks for itself; that indeed, we are a force to reckon with among our peers internationally.  We refuse to back down until we are given a chance to prove ourself individually and collectively as a people. 

Nigerian Celebrity Network was inspired by a groups’ vision to reform the negative image and portrayal of the entire country amid constant ongoing scrutiny and unjust treatment from individuals of various countries all over the world.

Nigeria has a wealth of human resources that ranks among the best creative talents in the world and some of the celebrities that the country has produced are forces to be reckoned with globally in terms of their creativity.

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