South African Sprint Runner, Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius OIB has been sentenced to six years’ imprisonment for the 2013 murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

  • Judge Thokozile Masipa said there were “substantial and compelling circumstances” that meant he should not serve the 15-year minimum sentence for murder. The Judge also made it clear that “the continuing misperception that Pistorius had intentionally killed Steenkamp was something the court had a duty to correct “to prevent unjustified outrage from the public” – The Guardian
  • A statement on the Blade Runner’s official website, posted on Feb 14, 2014 reads the following:

No words can adequately capture my feelings about the devastating accident that has caused such heartache for everyone who truly loved – and continues to love Reeva.

The pain and sadness – especially for Reeva’s parents, family and friends consumes me with sorrow.

The loss of Reeva and the complete trauma of that day, I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

– Oscar